MetaElement< algebra::FreeMonoidProductBase< Self >, T > Struct Template Reference

Element of a monoid i.e. words. More...

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Public Types

typedef virtual_types< Self
typedef virtual_types< Self
typedef T::first_type first_monoid_elt_value_t
typedef T::second_type second_monoid_elt_value_t
typedef Element< first_monoid_t,
typedef Element< second_monoid_t,

Public Member Functions

first_monoid_elt_tfirst ()
 First monoid's accessor.
const first_monoid_elt_tfirst () const
 First monoid's const accessor.
second_monoid_elt_tsecond ()
 Second monoid's accessor.
const second_monoid_elt_tsecond () const
 Second monoid's const accessor.
void mirror ()
 In-place mirror transformation.
template<class Ftor>
Ftor::result_type length (Ftor f)

Protected Member Functions

 MetaElement ()
 Default constructor is protected since it is an abstract class.
 MetaElement (const MetaElement &other)
 Copy constructor is protected since it is an abstract class.

Detailed Description

template<class Self, typename T>
struct vcsn::MetaElement< algebra::FreeMonoidProductBase< Self >, T >

Element of a monoid i.e. words.

Definition at line 110 of file freemonoid_product_base.hh.

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