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Software Testing with Autotest

This chapter is devoted to test suites, i.e., programs which are meant to exercise other programs in order to perform sanity checks, to prevent old bugs from creeping back in etc.

While programmers understand their jobs involve more than programming, most still do not pay the attention to the test suite that it deserves; the Why write tests? advocates for test suites under the form of three buggytales. Then, in Designing a Test Suite, some of the generic rules to obey while implementing a test suite are presented. See Running an Autotest Test Suite, for a presentation of Autotest, the Autoconf component dedicated to portable test suite generation. For a more "hands on" presentation of Autotest, see Stand-alone Test Suite, which demonstrates Autotest features, step by step, applied to M4. Finally, in Autotesting GNU M4, the actual GNU M4 test suite is pictured, exhibiting all the characteristics of real world Autotest uses.