Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
mln::accuNamespace of accumulators
mln::accu::imageNamespace of accumulator image routines
mln::accu::implImplementation namespace of accumulator namespace
mln::accu::logicNamespace of logical accumulators
mln::accu::mathNamespace of mathematic accumulators
mln::accu::meta::logicNamespace of logical meta-accumulators
mln::accu::meta::mathNamespace of mathematic meta-accumulators
mln::accu::meta::shapeNamespace of shape meta-accumulators
mln::accu::meta::statNamespace of statistical meta-accumulators
mln::accu::shapeNamespace of shape accumulators
mln::accu::statNamespace of statistical accumulators
mln::algebraNamespace of algebraic structure
mln::arithNamespace of arithmetic
mln::arith::implImplementation namespace of arith namespace
mln::arith::impl::genericGeneric implementation namespace of arith namespace
mln::binarizationNamespace of "point-wise" expression tools
mln::borderNamespace of routines related to image virtual (outer) border
mln::border::implImplementation namespace of border namespace
mln::border::impl::genericGeneric implementation namespace of border namespace
mln::canvasNamespace of canvas
mln::canvas::browsingNamespace of browsing canvas
mln::canvas::implImplementation namespace of canvas namespace
mln::canvas::labelingNamespace of labeling canvas
mln::canvas::labeling::implImplementation namespace of labeling canvas namespace
mln::canvas::morphoNamespace of morphological canvas
mln::convertNamespace of conversion routines
mln::dataNamespace of image processing routines related to pixel data
mln::data::approxNamespace of image processing routines related to pixel levels with approximation
mln::data::approx::implImplementation namespace of data::approx namespace
mln::data::implImplementation namespace of data namespace
mln::data::impl::genericGeneric implementation namespace of data namespace
mln::data::naiveNamespace of image processing routines related to pixel levels with naive approach
mln::data::naive::implImplementation namespace of data::naive namespace
mln::debugNamespace of routines that help to debug
mln::debug::implImplementation namespace of debug namespace
mln::defNamespace for core definitions
mln::displayNamespace of routines that help to display images
mln::display::implImplementation namespace of display namespace
mln::display::impl::genericGeneric implementation namespace of display namespace
mln::docThe namespace mln::doc is only for documentation purpose
mln::drawNamespace of drawing routines
mln::estimNamespace of estimation materials
mln::extensionNamespace of extension tools
mln::funNamespace of functions
mln::fun::accessNamespace for access functions
mln::fun::i2vNamespace of integer-to-value functions
mln::fun::n2vNamespace of functions from nil to value
mln::fun::p2bNamespace of functions from point to boolean
mln::fun::p2pNamespace of functions from grid point to grid point
mln::fun::p2vNamespace of functions from point to value
mln::fun::statNamespace of statistical functions
mln::fun::v2bNamespace of functions from value to logic value
mln::fun::v2iNamespace of value-to-integer functions
mln::fun::v2vNamespace of functions from value to value
mln::fun::v2w2vNamespace of bijective functions
mln::fun::v2w_w2vNamespace of functions from value to value
mln::fun::vv2bNamespace of functions from value to value
mln::fun::vv2vNamespace of functions from a couple of values to a value
mln::fun::x2pNamespace of functions from point to value
mln::fun::x2vNamespace of functions from vector to value
mln::fun::x2xNamespace of functions from vector to vector
mln::geomNamespace of all things related to geometry
mln::geom::implImplementation namespace of geom namespace
mln::graphNamespace of graph related routines
mln::gridNamespace of grids definitions
mln::histoNamespace of histograms
mln::histo::implImplementation namespace of histo namespace
mln::histo::impl::genericGeneric implementation namespace of histo namespace
mln::implImplementation namespace of mln namespace
mln::ioNamespace of input/output handling
mln::io::cloudNamespace of cloud input/output handling
mln::io::dicomNamespace of DICOM input/output handling
mln::io::dumpNamespace of dump input/output handling
mln::io::fitsNamespace of fits input/output handling
mln::io::fldNamespace of pgm input/output handling
mln::io::magickNamespace of magick input/output handling
mln::io::offNamespace of off input/output handling
mln::io::pbmNamespace of pbm input/output handling
mln::io::pbm::implNamespace of pbm implementation details
mln::io::pbmsNamespace of pbms input/output handling
mln::io::pbms::implNamespace of pbms implementation details
mln::io::pfmNamespace of pfm input/output handling
mln::io::pfm::implImplementation namespace of pfm namespace
mln::io::pgmNamespace of pgm input/output handling
mln::io::pgmsNamespace of pgms input/output handling
mln::io::plotNamespace of plot input/output handling
mln::io::pnmNamespace of pnm input/output handling
mln::io::pnm::implNamespace of pnm's implementation details
mln::io::pnmsNamespace of pnms input/output handling
mln::io::ppmNamespace of ppm input/output handling
mln::io::ppmsNamespace of ppms input/output handling
mln::io::rawNamespace of raw input/output handling
mln::io::tiffNamespace of tiff input/output handling
mln::io::txtNamespace of txt input/output handling
mln::labelingNamespace of labeling routines
mln::labeling::implImplementation namespace of labeling namespace
mln::labeling::impl::genericGeneric implementation namespace of labeling namespace
mln::linearNamespace of linear image processing routines
mln::linear::implNamespace of linear image processing routines implementation details
mln::linear::localSpecializations of local linear routines
mln::linear::local::implNamespace of local linear routines implementation details
mln::literalNamespace of literals
mln::logicalNamespace of logic
mln::logical::implImplementation namespace of logical namespace
mln::logical::impl::genericGeneric implementation namespace of logical namespace
mln::makeNamespace of routines that help to make Milena's objects
mln::mathNamespace of mathematical routines
mln::metalNamespace of meta-programming tools
mln::metal::implImplementation namespace of metal namespace
mln::metal::mathNamespace of static mathematical functions
mln::metal::math::implImplementation namespace of metal::math namespace
mln::morphoNamespace of mathematical morphology routines
mln::morpho::approxNamespace of approximate mathematical morphology routines
mln::morpho::attributeNamespace of attributes used in mathematical morphology
mln::morpho::closing::approxNamespace of approximate mathematical morphology closing routines
mln::morpho::elementaryNamespace of image processing routines of elementary mathematical morphology
mln::morpho::implNamespace of mathematical morphology routines implementations
mln::morpho::impl::genericNamespace of mathematical morphology routines generic implementations
mln::morpho::opening::approxNamespace of approximate mathematical morphology opening routines
mln::morpho::reconstructionNamespace of morphological reconstruction routines
mln::morpho::reconstruction::by_dilationNamespace of morphological reconstruction by dilation routines
mln::morpho::reconstruction::by_erosionNamespace of morphological reconstruction by erosion routines
mln::morpho::treeNamespace of morphological tree-related routines
mln::morpho::tree::filterNamespace for attribute filtering
mln::morpho::watershedNamespace of morphological watershed routines
mln::morpho::watershed::watershedNamespace of morphological watershed routines implementations
mln::morpho::watershed::watershed::genericNamespace of morphological watershed routines generic implementations
mln::normNamespace of norms
mln::norm::implImplementation namespace of norm namespace
mln::optNamespace of optional routines
mln::opt::implImplementation namespace of opt namespace
mln::pwNamespace of "point-wise" expression tools
mln::registrationNamespace of "point-wise" expression tools
mln::selectSelect namespace (FIXME doc)
mln::setNamespace of image processing routines related to pixel sets
mln::subsamplingNamespace of "point-wise" expression tools
mln::tagNamespace of image processing routines related to tags
mln::testNamespace of image processing routines related to pixel tests
mln::test::implImplementation namespace of test namespace
mln::topoNamespace of "point-wise" expression tools
mln::traceNamespace of routines related to the trace mechanism
mln::traitNamespace where traits are defined
mln::transformNamespace of transforms
mln::utilNamespace of tools using for more complex algorithm
mln::util::implImplementation namespace of util namespace
mln::valueNamespace of materials related to pixel value types
mln::value::implImplementation namespace of value namespace
mln::winNamespace of image processing routines related to win