KRatExpToken Class Template Reference

Schrödinger's token for rational expression lexing. More...

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Public Member Functions

 KRatExpToken (const token_e &tok)
 KRatExpToken ()
std::string to_string () const
bool is_just_a (const token_e tok)
bool is_defined ()
bool is_schrod ()
bool is_a (const token_e tok)
MonoidValue as_word ()
SemiringEltValue as_weight ()
KRatExpTokenoperator= (const token_e tok)
KRatExpTokenoperator= (const MonoidValue &word_value)
KRatExpTokenoperator= (const SemiringEltValue &weight_value)
void reset ()


struct  token
 Simple token. More...

Detailed Description

template<class MonoidValue, class SemiringEltValue>
class vcsn::algebra::KRatExpToken< MonoidValue, SemiringEltValue >

Schrödinger's token for rational expression lexing.

Tokens are ambiguous. For example, '1' could be interpreted both as a weight and as the empty word. So we assume that each possible token is in fact part of the *same* token. This is the Schrödinger's token this class represents.

See also:
KRatExpToken::token, token_e

Definition at line 76 of file krat_exp_parser.hxx.

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