KRatExpToken::token Struct Reference

Simple token. More...

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Public Member Functions

 token (const token_e &tok_type)
 token (const token_e &tok_type, const MonoidValue &word)
 token (const token_e &tok_type, const SemiringEltValue &weight)
std::string to_string () const

Public Attributes

token_e type
MonoidValue m
SemiringEltValue w

Detailed Description

template<class MonoidValue, class SemiringEltValue>
struct vcsn::algebra::KRatExpToken< MonoidValue, SemiringEltValue >::token

Simple token.

This classes represents a simple unambiguous token. Its type is one of token_e. When a_word or a_weight, an extra information is carried, which is (of course) the corresponding weight or word. A Schrödinger's token contains a list of such tokens.

See also:
KRatExpToken, token_e

Definition at line 89 of file krat_exp_parser.hxx.

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