PartialExp Struct Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef Element< Series, T > exp_t
typedef Series series_set_t
typedef T series_set_elt_value_t
typedef T::node_t node_t
typedef exp_t::semiring_elt_t semiring_elt_t
typedef std::list< const node_t * > node_list_t
typedef std::list< semiring_elt_tsemiring_elt_list_t
typedef internal_iterator<
false > 
typedef internal_iterator<
true > 

Public Member Functions

 PartialExp (const exp_t &e)
 PartialExp (const exp_t &e, const semiring_elt_t &w)
 PartialExp (const PartialExp &other)
PartialExpinsert (const node_t *v)
semiring_elt_list_tweights ()
const semiring_elt_list_tweights () const
node_list_tnodes ()
const node_list_tnodes () const
PartialExpoperator<<= (const semiring_elt_t &w)
PartialExpoperator>>= (const semiring_elt_t &w)
const exp_texp () const
const Seriesexp_structure () const
const T & exp_value () const
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const

Protected Attributes

const exp_trat_exp_
semiring_elt_list_t semiring_elt_list_
node_list_t node_list_


struct  internal_iterator

Detailed Description

template<typename Series, typename T>
struct vcsn::PartialExp< Series, T >

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