PartialExp::internal_iterator Struct Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef reference_type< IsConst,
semiring_elt_t >::ret 
typedef reference_type< IsConst,
const node_t * >::ret 
typedef iterator_type< IsConst,
semiring_elt_list_t >::ret 
typedef iterator_type< IsConst,
node_list_t >::ret 

Public Member Functions

 internal_iterator (const semiring_elts_iterator_t &, const nodes_iterator_t &)
internal_iteratoroperator++ ()
internal_iterator operator++ (int)
bool operator!= (const internal_iterator &other)
bool operator== (const internal_iterator &other)
semiring_elt_ref_t semiring_elt () const
node_ref_t node () const
bool on_node () const

Protected Attributes

semiring_elts_iterator_t semiring_elts_iterator_
nodes_iterator_t nodes_iterator_
bool on_node_

Detailed Description

template<typename Series, typename T>
template<bool IsConst>
struct vcsn::PartialExp< Series, T >::internal_iterator< IsConst >

Definition at line 114 of file partial_rat_exp.hh.

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