PRatExpDerivationVisitor Class Template Reference

This class performs partial rational expression derivations. More...

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Public Types

typedef Element< Series, T > exp_t
typedef T series_set_elt_value_t
typedef T::node_t node_t
typedef std::list< PartialExp<
Series, T > > 
typedef Element< Series, T
typedef semiring_elt_t::value_t semiring_elt_value_t
typedef Element< Series, T
typedef monoid_elt_t::value_t monoid_elt_value_t
typedef monoid_elt_t::set_t monoid_t
typedef monoid_t::alphabet_t alphabet_t
typedef alphabet_t::letter_t letter_t

Public Member Functions

 PRatExpDerivationVisitor (const exp_t &exp, const letter_t &a)
virtual ~PRatExpDerivationVisitor ()
void match (const node_t *node)
virtual void product (const node_t *lhs, const node_t *rhs)
virtual void sum (const node_t *lhs, const node_t *rhs)
virtual void star (const node_t *node)
virtual void left_weight (const semiring_elt_value_t &w, const node_t *node)
virtual void right_weight (const semiring_elt_value_t &w, const node_t *node)
virtual void constant (const monoid_elt_value_t &m)
virtual void zero ()
virtual void one ()

Public Attributes

bool undefined
return_type result

Detailed Description

template<typename Series, typename T>
class vcsn::PRatExpDerivationVisitor< Series, T >

This class performs partial rational expression derivations.

FIXME: This class heavily lacks of documentation.

FIXME: Make list be a unique container.

Definition at line 93 of file partial_rat_exp_derivation.hxx.

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