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If you want to work with our lab members, you have different possibilities to join us. Please follow the appropriate links for more information.

Researcher and Post-doc


You are a prospective PhD student, you can join the LRDE for the whole duration of your doctoral studies. You will work with one of our researcher as your advisor at the LRDE and be under joint supervision in partnership with an advisor from another university. Open positions are here(=> lien vers page avec des propositions de sujets). Feel free to contact us if you have found in our publications or projects something you would like to work on.

M2 Internship for graduate students

The LRDE recruits M2 students for internships up to 6 months. Offers are here. (=> lien vers page avec offres de stage) When the internship is going well, we might offer you to join us for a PhD thesis after your Master's graduation.

EPITA student

You are studying at EPITA and interested in research activities. You can work with us during a 2 or 3 month summer internship (InfoSPE : lien vers des offres de stage) or during your 5 month ING2 internship.