Life at the LRDE


At the LRDE, we are a small community where teaching staff and students share all the lab's facilities of about 200 m². A meeting room and a library offer some space for relaxation, common lunch and casual interactions between all the lab members. Students, interns, PhD students, all have their own desks with computers, just as the researchers, either in common offices or right next door. This closeness generates discussions between people and stimulates research. We have our own conference and projection room. And our facilities allow us to welcome temporary staff and invited professors in excellent conditions.

The laboratory has of course access to EPITA's infrastructures, especially to the lecture halls for seminars.

The computer-based resources include, besides the machines of the permanent staff, a computing cluster and several servers hosting the lab's services, for instance the automatic services for code validation developed by the LRDE, the build farm. The lab's network is independent from EPITA's network except for the Internet connection.


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In the last 15 years, over 100 EPITA students have shared this working atmosphere at the LRDE and have graduated from EPITA with a real research experience. Indeed a unique feature of the LRDE is synergy between traditional education methods and learning through research: we offer to a handful of EPITA students to integrate the research community right from the first year of the engineering cycle and to be involved in real research projects. Allowing students to meet with researchers and to participate in production of knowledge through publications and collaboration with other research centers and with industry gives them access to postgraduate training as well to careers in industry.

Many of the students have done their final internship at research labs in France or abroad. Almost half of them have continued with a Master's degree (M2 research), about a quarter of our alumni hold their PhD degree and some of them are currently PhD students.

The other half of our alumni are either entrepreneurs in their own company or work in various leading companies all over the world.

Here you can read about the different careers of some of our alumni.

CSI seminars

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The research conducted by LRDE students (CSI) is publicly presented. The attendance is free, open to anyone, and requires no subscription.

Here you can find the programme of the upcoming CSI seminars as well as the programmes of the past CSI seminars over the years. And you can also read the student reports and slides of the best CSI seminars.

The best talks of CSI seminars 2013-2014 are available online :