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Title Authors Year
guillet.21.seminar Brain MRI Segmentation using fully convolutional network William Guillet 2023
dubois.22.seminar Fast reductions for ω-automaton Jérôme Dubois 2022
buatois.21.seminar Smart and robust segmentation of medical images using neural networks Thibault Buatois 2021
fages.21.seminar Active Learning on Visibly One Counter Systems Aymeric FAGES 2021
oueslati.21.seminar a Simple Embeddable Type System for the Python language Mehdi OUESLATI 2021
mom.21.seminar Real Time Face Expression Recognition Ferdinand Mom 2021
moreau.21.seminar Handling blackbox transitions in go2pins Hugo Moreau 2021
pape.21.seminar Polynomial Identification of omega-Language Corentin Pape 2021
habib.21.seminar Building a quantum perceptron Nathan Habib 2021
hermary.21.seminar Integration of Morphological Operators in Neural Networks Romain Hermary 2021
gasnault.21.seminar Brain MRI segmentation using mathematical morphology Louis Gasnault 2021
dubois.21.seminar Fast simulation based reduction for ω-automaton Jérôme Dubois 2021
simonin.21.seminar Efficient implementations of hierarchical morphological representations Victor Simonin 2021
carvalho.20.seminar Model classification in model checking using random forest Thomas De Carvalho 2020
kirszenberg.20.seminar Learning Morphological Operations Alexandre Kirszenberg 2020
esteban.20.seminar Estimation of the Noise Level Function in Multivariate Images using the Tree of Shapes and non-parametric statistics Baptiste Esteban 2020
valais.20.seminar Implementing Baker's SUBTYPEP decision procedure Leo Valais 2020
ginane.20.seminar Detecting danger in marine environment: Part 1 - Making the dataset Charles Ginane 2020
buatois.20.seminar Smart and robust segmentation of medical images using neural networks Thibault Buatois 2020
linsenmaier.20.seminar Identifying Botnets in the Network using Gaussian Mixture Models Hugo Linsenmaier 2020

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