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== Code ==
== Code ==
[http://lrde.epita.fr/dloads/painless/painless-v1.zip painless-v1]
[http://www.lrde.epita.fr/dload/painless/painless-v1.zip painless-v1]
== Related publication(s) ==
== Related publication(s) ==

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PArallel INstantiabLE Sat Solver (PaInleSS) is a framework written in C++ that simplifies the implementation and evaluation of new parallel SAT solvers for many-core environments. The components of PaInleSS can be instantiated independently to produce a new complete solver. The guiding principle is to separate the technical components dedicated to some specific aspect of concurrent programming, from the components implementing heuristics and optimizations embedded in a parallel SAT solver.

PaInleSS has been developed by the LRDE and the MoVe team at LIP6.



Related publication(s)

PaInleSS: a Framework for Parallel SAT Solving. in Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT'17)