Edwin Carlinet


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  • Name: Edwin Carlinet
  • Email:
  • Subject: Applications of the Tree of Shapes on object detection in images.
  • Ecole doctorale MSTIC : Université Paris-Est, LIGM, labo A3SI, ESIEE
  • Advisors : Thierry Géraud (LRDE), Jean Serra (MSTIC)
  • Comment:

Graduated from [Epita] in 2011, Edwin Carlinet has completed a Master in Applied Mathematics ([[1][MVA]]) at [[2][ENS Cachan]]. He starts working with us as a <nop>PhD-student in the year 2012-2013 on the [[3][Olena]] project.


  • Théorie des langages rationnels (TD / TP for 2nd-year students at EPITA)
  • Algorithmique (TD / TP for 3rd-year students at EPITA)
  • Bio-informatique (Cours/TD/TP for 2nd-year students at Sup'Biotech)