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!! Roland Levillain

  • Email: roland.levillain at
  • Phone: +33 1 53 14 59 45
  • Fax: +33 1 53 14 59 13
  • Company Name: EPITA/LRDE
  • Company URL:
  • Location: 14-16 rue Voltaire, FR-94276 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre CEDEX
  • Country: France

Research Interests

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  • Programming Languages, Compilation and Interpretation
  • Generic Programming and Metaprogramming
  • Image processing
  • Mathematical Morphology

Lectures and Student Project Management

See also the course list page.

        $ CMP1: Compiler Construction (first part), 3rd year students, 12 + 12 + 15 hours
        $ CMP2: Compiler Construction (second part), 3rd year students, 12 hours
        $ TYLA: Typology of Programming Languages, 3rd year students, 12 + 13,5 hours
        $ The Tiger Project : Teaching programming techniques through compiler construction (see below).
    • in 2012:
        $ CPP: C++ Language, 3rd year students, 2 x 10 hours

Past Lectures

     $ UNIX: Introduction to Unix: 5th year (Master) students, 20 hours.
     $ Compilation and Interpretation: 1st year students.

Software Projects

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I work on the following projects for research, development and educational purposes as developer and maintainer:

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A software platform for generic and efficient image processing. The core of Olena is a generic C++ library, Milena, using a programming paradigm mixing Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Generic Programming (GP), called SCOOP.
%LOGOTIGER% Tiger Compiler
This project aims at developing a compiler for the Tiger language, written in C++ 2011. It is part of the EPITA curriculum.

I also maintain the following projects:

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HAVM is a virtual machine designed to execute simple register-based high level intermediate code. It is based on the Tree intermediate language defined by Andrew Appel in his Modern Compiler Implementation books.
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A MIPS-based simulator with "infinitely many registers". It consists of an assembler which reads MIPS assembly code, and of a virtual machine which executes the instructions processed by the assembler.
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A code generator generator, a tool that produces a function from a tree-pattern description of an instruction set. This is a fork of the original implementation from the Mono Project.
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Share is a set of useful files for writing LaTeX documents (style files, bibliographies, Make helpers, etc.). This repository is mainly used by members of LRDE but anybody may use it freely.


See also my Google Scholar page.

Conference and Workshop Papers

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Technical Reports

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Oral Presentations

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