This page contains the log of the topics that of the CompilationLecture for class EPITA 2007 (i.e., from March 2005 to July 2005). The topic was started with the FormalLanguagesLecture; see the ThlLog2007.

Week 1 March 7: Introduction

  1. The Tiger Project
    1. Goals (C++, OO, DP, Management, Testing, Maintaining, Fixing)
    2. Non goals (Compiler Construction)
  2. The architecture of a compiler
    1. From scanner to code emission
    2. From TC-0 to TC-9
      1. Why TC-1 in addition to TC-0
      2. The Tasks system and the Autotools (outline)
      3. Implementing options, e.g., TC-E
  3. Computer History (See the lecture notes,

    1. Timeline
    2. ENIAC
    3. Pegasus
    4. IBM 704
    5. Kraftwerk