ANR - 2004-2008

EFIGI (Extraction of idealized forms of Galaxies in Image Processing) was a project whose main objective was to provide the community of astrophysicists with robust and efficient software tools for measuring and classifying the shapes of galaxies using their images.

Besides the LRDE, the project partners were:

  • Paris Institute of Astrophysics, IAP (UMR 7095),
  • Laboratory for data processing and communication of information, LTCI (UMR 5141, GET/Telecom Paris),
  • Laboratory of Astronomy in Marseille, LAM (UMR 6110)
  • Laboratory of Astrophysics of the Observatory Midi-Pyrénées, LAOMP (UMR 5572)
  • Astronomical Research Centre in Lyon, CRAL (UMR 5574)
  • Service of Astrophysics of the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, Sap

The LRDE has contributed both in the processing of galaxy images and in the upscaling by parallelizing the tasks.