L'air de rien 14


The CSI students of the LRDE present their respective work at the lab :

On June 18th and 25th the CSI 2009 will talk about their projects on Transformers, Vaucanson, Olena and Game Theory. Further, on June 25th Sébastien Hémon will give a presentation of the article `Approximate Nash Equilibria for multi-players Games' that had been accepted to SAGT 08 (Symposium on Algorithmic Game theory) that took place in May 2008 in Germany.

On July 2nd and 9th, the CSI 2010 will present their work on Olena, Speaker ID, Spot, Transformers and Vaucanson.

You will find the abstract, schedule and place of each presentation in the present bulletin.

Four A4 pages
Print this copy in Duplex, binding along the short edge.