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The LRDE is a research laboratory under the tutelage of EPITA, Graduate School of Computer Science.

Our main areas of expertise are « Image processing and pattern recognition » and « Automata and verification » with a transverse research axis « Performance and genericity ».

Building on its solid scientific production and academic collaborations, the laboratory has industrial contracts, conducts internal research projects and participates in collaborative academic research projects.

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  • Publication CosySEL: Improving SAT Solving Using Local Symmetries in 24th International Conference on Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation — 1 January 2023
  • Publication Higher-Dimensional Timed and Hybrid Automata in Leibniz Transactions on Embedded Systems — 8 December 2022
  • Publication Introduction to the Special Issue on Distributed Hybrid Systems in Leibniz Transactions on Embedded Systems — 8 December 2022
  • Publication Energy Problems in Finite and Timed Automata with Büchi Conditions in FM — 8 December 2022
  • Publication The Dahu Graph-Cut for Interactive Segmentation on 2D/3D Images in Pattern Recognition — 3 December 2022
  • Thierry Géraud represents LRE at EDITE-Day — 30 November 2022
    The doctoral school of Paris EDITE has organized a conference day Journée de l’EDITE dedicated to PhD-students, their supervisors and the best PhD Thesis Award. Among the labs attending, Thierry has presented the unified EPITA Research Laboratory (LRE) with its newly defined research groups and axes.
  • Guillaume Tochon from LRE invited speaker at GT-GDMM — 22 November 2022
    Guillaume Tochon gave a plenary talk at the annual seminar of the Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology Research Group, on the topic of learning mathematical morphology operations with morphological neural networks. He presented the latest results obtained at LRE with RDI students (from EPITA’s research double major) and in collaboration with the Center for Mathematical Morphology (CMM, Mines ParisTech).
  • Researchers from LRE at Seminar at the French National Library (BNF) on data extraction from 19th century directories — 10 November 2022
    Edwin Carlinet and Joseph Chazalon from LRE presented at the BNF Seminar the latest advances of the ANR SoDUCo project regarding mass extraction of 10 M entries from historical directories. Marie Puren presented the results of the AGODA project, funded by the BNF, showcasing structured transcriptions of French Parliament debates from the 19th century, extracted in a semi-automated fashion.
  • Michaël Roynard defends his PhD thesis "Generic Programming in modern C++ for Image Processing" at EPITA at 9:30 am — 4 November 2022
  • The LRE hosts a new PhD student, Théo Lepage, who joins the Artificial Intelligence group. — 2 November 2022
    After obtaining EPITA's engineering degree from the IMAGE and RDI double major, Théo joins the LRE to complete his PhD. He will focus on improving the robustness of representations used by speaker and language recognition systems while considering the growing risk of spoofing attacks.

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