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The LRDE is a research laboratory under the tutelage of EPITA, Graduate School of Computer Science.

Our main areas of expertise are « Image processing and pattern recognition » and « Automata and verification » with a transverse research axis « Performance and genericity ».

Building on its solid scientific production and academic collaborations, the laboratory has industrial contracts, conducts internal research projects and participates in collaborative academic research projects.

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  • Publication CDCLSym: Introducing Effective Symmetry Breaking in SAT Solving in Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS'18) — 5 January 2018
  • Publication Derived-Term Automata of Multitape Expressions with Composition in Scientific Annals of Computer Science — 29 December 2017
  • Vcsn 2.6 released. — 13 November 2017
    This version includes improvements in the build system, better performances, and extended consistency for a better, smoother, user experience.
  • LRDE Seminar on Performance and Genericity - Lire les lignes du cerveau humain by Jean-François Mangin, NeuroSpin, and - Apprentissage automatique en neuroimagerie: application aux maladies cérébrales by Edouard Duchesnay, NeuroSpin, CEA, Paris-Saclay . — 8 November 2017
  • Edwin Carlinet, assistant-professor, is back to the Olena team. — 2 November 2017
    After his PhD thesis defense at LRDE in 2015, Edwin has been working for two years as an Imaging Science Engineer at DxO. Now he joins LRDE's image team to maintain and develop the image processing library Olena. He will also be involved in several projects, such as the detection of fibrosis in 3D images of the heart using deep learning methods.
  • Publication Extraction of Ancient Map Contents Using Trees of Connected Components in Proceedings of the 12th IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC) — 20 October 2017
  • Publication A Tutorial on Well-Composedness in Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision — 12 October 2017
  • The LRDE hosts a new member, Michaël Roynard, who joins the Olena team for his PhD studies. — 3 October 2017
    After his engineering degree from EISTI, Michaël has worked as a software developer at the Informatics development Laboratory (LDI) at CEA/LIST, then at Murex, before joining the image team of LRDE for his PhD. He studies the possibilities that the modern C++ offers to improve Olena, especially concerning its generic aspect.
  • LRDE Seminar on Performance and Genericity - Frama-C, une plateforme collaborative et extensible pour l'analyse de code C by Julien Signoles, CEA LIST, Laboratoire de Sûreté des Logiciels (LSL). — 27 September 2017
  • Spot 2.4 was released — 6 September 2017
    More tools, and more support for complex acceptance conditions.

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