Progresses towards Vaucanson 1.4 and 2.0



VAUCANSON is a finite state machine manipulation platform for automata and transducers. Usage highlighted the overly complex interface for the automaton manipulation. Therefore, work was done during the past years to improve it, leading to the introduction of the concept of automaton "kinds". Two different versions of the platform are currently under development. VAUCANSON 1.4, which will be a more complete and stable version of the work done before the interface modification. Idea is to work toward releasing a final version of VAUCANSON 1.X, allowing us to focus on VAUCANSON 2.0, which is currently incomplete, due to the deep changes that "kinds" brought to the library. This report will explain a new feature of VAUCANSON 1.4the Z/nZ semirings, and presents what has been and will be done to get VAUCANSON 2.0 to work.