Adapting the data structures of Vaucanson to the concept of kind and a new interface



The design of automata in Vaucanson plays a central role concerning the genericity of the library. We want to be able to extend the model to support new types and to specialize behaviours in order to improve performances. The recent introduction of the kind concept in the library together with the definition of a new automata interfaceare targeting the rationalisation of already existing data structures in Vaucanson — Boost Multi Index based graphs for example. The kind of an automaton is the type of the labels on the transitions like a letter or a word. Through an iterator hierarchy respecting the new interface, the user can efficiently iterate over the transitions labeled by a specific occurrence of the kind specified by a predicate — iterating over all the transitions labeled by an for example. The gain is noticeable because the user had no choices but to iterate over a polynomial before those improvements.