Vendredi 14 décembre 2018, 11h-12h, Amphi IP12A

Toward myocardium perfusion from X-ray CT

Clara Jaquet (ESIEE Marne-la-Vallée)

Recent advances in medical image computing have resulted in automated systems that closely assist physicians in patient therapy. Computational and personalized patient models benefit diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning, with a decreased risk for the patient, as well as potentially lower cost. HeartFlow Inc. is a successful example of a company providing such a service in the cardiovascular context. Based on patient-specific vascular model extracted from X-ray CT images, they identify functionally significant disease in large coronary arteries. Their combined anatomical and functional analysis is nonetheless limited by the image resolution. At the downstream scale, a functional exam called Myocardium Perfusion Imaging (MPI) highlights myocardium regions with blood flow deficit. However, MPI does not functionally relate perfusion to the upstream coronary disease. The goal of our project is to build the functional bridge between coronary and myocardium. To this aim we propose an anatomical and functional extrapolation. We produce an innovative vascular network generation method extending the coronary model down to the microvasculature. In the resulting vascular model, we compute a functional analysis pipeline to simulate flow from large coronaries to the myocardium, and to enable comparison with MPI ground-truth data.

After completing a technological university degree in biology at Creteil, Clara Jaquet obtained the diploma of biomedical engineer from ISBS (Bio-Sciences Institute) in 2015. She worked for one year at HeartFlow Inc, California, before starting a PhD at ESIEE, Université Paris-Est, within the LIGM laboratory, on a research project jointly with the same company.