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Deep Learning for Detection and Segmentation of Artefact and Disease Instances in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Combining Deep Learning and Mathematical Morphology for Historical Map Segmentation, Going beyond p-convolutions to learn grayscale morphological operators, Seminar/2021-02-10, Seminar/2020-12-16, NewsEntry (2020/11/16), A global benchmark of algorithms for segmenting the left atrium from late gadolinium-enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, PAIP 2019: Liver cancer segmentation challenge, Do not Treat Boundaries and Regions Differently: An Example on Heart Left Atrial Segmentation, FOANet: A Focus of Attention Network with Application to Myocardium Segmentation, NewsEntry (2020/10/21), Two Stages CNN-Based Segmentation of Gliomas, Uncertainty Quantification and Prediction of Overall Patient Survival, Equivalence between Digital Well-Composedness and Well-Composedness in the Sense of Alexandrov on n-D Cubical Grids, Topological Properties of the First Non-Local Digitally Well-Composed Interpolation on n-D Cubical Grids, Euler Well-Composedness, A 4D Counter-Example Showing that DWCness Does Not Imply CWCness in n-D, NewsEntry (2020/07/17), NewsEntry (2020/07/10), (Dynamic (Programming Paradigms)) ;; Performance and Expressivity, Practical “Paritizing” of Emerson–Lei Automata, Improving swarming using genetic algorithms, A New Minimum Barrier Distance for Multivariate Images with Applications to Salient Object Detection, Shortest Path Finding, and Segmentation, NewsEntry (2020/06/02), Using Separated Inputs for Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation with 3D U-Net-like Architectures, LTL Model Checking for Communicating Concurrent Programs, Seminator 2 Can Complement Generalized Büchi Automata via Improved Semi-Determinization, NewsEntry (2020/04/28), NewsEntry (2020/04/03), Seminar/2020-03-18, Improvement of a text detection chain and the proposition of a new evaluation protocol for text detection algorithms, NewsEntry (2020/02/18), Seminar/2020-02-12, A Two-Stage Temporal-Like Fully Convolutional Network Framework for Left Ventricle Segmentation and Quantification on MR Images, Learning Endmember Dynamics in Multitemporal Hyperspectral Data using a State-Space Model Formulation, NewsEntry (2020/01/20), Experimental digital Gabor hologram rendering of C. elegans worms by a model-trained convolutional neural network (Conference Presentation), Seminar/2019-12-17, Quickref: Common Lisp Reference Documentation as a Stress Test for Texinfo, NewsEntry (2019/10/07), Seminar/2019-10-01, Connected Filters on Generalized Shape-Spaces, Combining Parallel Emptiness Checks with Partial Order Reductions, Generic Emptiness Check for Fun and Profit, NewsEntry (2019/07/03), NewsEntry (2019/07/02), Braids of Partitions for the Hierarchical Representation and Segmentation of Multimodal Images, NewsEntry (2019/07/01), One More Step Towards Well-Composedness of Cell Complexes over n-D Pictures, Estimation du niveau de bruit par arbre des formes et statistiques non paramétriques, Filtres connexes multivariés par fusion d'arbres de composantes... further results