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Practical “Paritizing” of Emerson-Lei Automata, NewsEntry (2020/07/17), (Dynamic (Programming Paradigms)) ;; Performance and Expressivity, Improving swarming using genetic algorithms, A New Minimum Barrier Distance for Multivariate Images with Applications to Salient Object Detection, Shortest Path Finding, and Segmentation, NewsEntry (2020/06/02), Using Separated Inputs for Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation with 3D U-Net-like Architectures, LTL Model Checking for Communicating Concurrent Programs, Seminator 2 Can Complement Generalized Büchi Automata via Improved Semi-Determinization, NewsEntry (2020/04/28), NewsEntry (2020/04/03), Seminar/2020-03-18, Improvement of a text detection chain and the proposition of a new evaluation protocol for text detection algorithms, NewsEntry (2020/02/18), Seminar/2020-02-12, A Two-Stage Temporal-Like Fully Convolutional Network Framework for Left Ventricle Segmentation and Quantification on MR Images, Learning Endmember Dynamics in Multitemporal Hyperspectral Data using a State-Space Model Formulation, NewsEntry (2020/01/20), Performance Comparison of Several Folding Strategies, Experimental digital Gabor hologram rendering of C. elegans worms by a model-trained convolutional neural network (Conference Presentation), Seminar/2019-12-17, Quickref: Common Lisp Reference Documentation as a Stress Test for Texinfo, NewsEntry (2019/10/07), Seminar/2019-10-01, Connected Filters on Generalized Shape-Spaces, Combining Parallel Emptiness Checks with Partial Order Reductions, Generic Emptiness Check for Fun and Profit, NewsEntry (2019/07/03), NewsEntry (2019/07/02), Braids of Partitions for the Hierarchical Representation and Segmentation of Multimodal Images, NewsEntry (2019/07/01), One More Step Towards Well-Composedness of Cell Complexes over n-D Pictures, Estimation du niveau de bruit par arbre des formes et statistiques non paramétriques, Filtres connexes multivariés par fusion d'arbres de composantes, Estimating the noise level function with the tree of shapes and non-parametric statistics, Benchmark on Automatic 6-month-old Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2017 Challenge, Seminar/2019-04-10, NewsEntry (2019/04/10), Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities: Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge, Implementing Baker's SUBTYPEP decision procedure, Model checking with generalized Rabin and Fin-less automata, Parallelizing Quickref, Constructing a braid of partitions from hierarchies of partitions, Spherical fluorescent particle segmentation and tracking in 3D confocal microscopy, Introducing Multivariate Connected Openings and Closings, An Equivalence Relation between Morphological Dynamics and Persistent Homology in 1D, NewsEntry (2019/03/06), NewsEntry (2019/03/04), NewsEntry (2019/03/01), Modular and Efficient Divide-and-Conquer SAT Solver on Top of the Painless Framework... further results