Akim Demaille


  • Name: Akim Demaille
  • Login Name: akim
  • Email: akim @ lrde . epita . fr
  • Phone: +33 1 53 14 59 42
  • FAX: +33 1 53 14 59 22
  • Department: LRDE
  • Location: Paritalie


  • Programming Languages
  • Compilation
  • Optimization
  • Program Transformation



At Télécom Paristech

  • THL : Grammars and Parsing: 3rd year students, 15 hours.
  • LOO : Object Oriented Programming: 3rd year students, 15 hours.

Free Software

  • GNU Autoconf, former maintainer
  • GNU Automake, contributor
  • GNU Bison, co-maintainer
  • GNU a2ps, former maintainer
  • Urbi SDK : Chief Architecture of the Urbi Open Source Robotics SDK.

Research and Development

This project aims at exploiting LRDE know-how in static and generic C++ programming by transforming naive C++ programs into efficient C++ programs.

This project aims at developping a compiler for the Tiger language, written in C++. It is part of the EPITA curriculum.

An environment to experiment and develop products based on Finite State Machines.

A French company in robotics, who provides the Gostai Jazz robots, and the Urbi SDK Open Source platform for the development of portable robotic applications.

Absolutely Not Free Software

in C++, kept secret, since the whole point is to have students make it by themselves.