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Adding an entry to lrde.bib

At LRDE we keep track of everybody's publications, and we host pdf files of all publications.

At EPITA we also pay people for their publications, so it is important that your publications are kept track of. Here's how:

0. Make sure that your publication either lists LRDE as your institution ("EPITA Research and Development Lab, Paris, France"), or that it includes a sentence/footnote/something like "This author now at EPITA Research and Development Lab, Paris, France".

1. Once accepted or published, install a copy of the paper at the following places:


Replace aaaaaaaa by the last name of the first author (not necessarily your own), yy by the (last two digits of the) year of publication, and venue by the conference/journal where the paper is published. (The year of publication may be in the future, if your paper has been accepted but not yet published.)

You could try to mount the /lrde directory on your machine via nfs:

   sudo mount -t nfs nfs:/volume1/doc /lrde/doc
   sudo mount -t nfs porto:/var/www/dload /lrde/dload

or you can ssh into node7, for example, where they're mounted.

2. Clone if you haven't already; it's useful.

3. In that git, add your bibentry to bib/lrde.bib. See the other bibentries for naming conventions etc. Use note="To appear" if your stuff is not yet published.

Your bibentry must be called aaaaaaaa.yy.venue, and it must have fields

   abstract = {$ABSTRACT},
   lrdepaper = {},
   lrdenewsdate = {$TODAY},
   lrdeprojects = {$EQUIPE}

(for the last one, replace $EQUIPE by something else if you know what you're doing).

4. In the git directory, run make view and have a look at the generated pdf file to see whether your stuff appears. Afterwards, run make neat to pretty-format and sort bib/lrde.bib. See the README for more. If something goes wrong, first thing to do is to check the make output for "illegal character".

If everything looks good, commit and push your changes (to the master branch).

5. After a few minutes, check whether has been created and looks right (and points to the good pdf file). If not, go back to 3.

6. Go to and click on "Refresh" in the Action menu. (You might have to log in first.) Your publication should now appear as the first item in the "Latest news" list: clap yourself on the shoulder.

7. Announce your success by sending an email to, (roughly) following the model here and including a link to

For a French variant of the above, see Hugo's instructions.