Vaucanson 1.2 (March 20th, 2008)


The Vcsn library is free software. It is distributed under the conditions of the GNU General Public License ( since release 0.7.1, and under the conditions of GNU Lesser General Public License for previous releases.



  • The Vaucanson library
    • New graph data structure based on boost multi index: bmig.
    • It is now possible to choose between bmig and the old implementation which is now called listg.
  • Algorithms
    • Rename fmp_to_realtime() as fmt_to_rw().
    • Rename realtime_to_fmp() as rw_to_fmp().
    • Rename realtime_composition() as rw_composition().
  • TAF-Kit
    • Rename sum as union.
    • is_empty is now is_void.
    • New is_empty.
 More informations on updates are provided in the NEWS file of the package.


C++ compiler
4.* or ICC 10
The XML I/O system is based on the use of the Apache Xerces C++ library version 2.3.* ( (On Ubuntu/Debian, install the following packages: libxerces27 and libxerces27-dev)
The display of automata is made using AT&T Graphviz library. (On Ubuntu/Debian, install the following package: graphviz)
Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. (On Ubuntu/Debian, install the following packages: libboost-dev, libboost-serialization-dev, libboost-graph, libboost-graph-dev)
needed for building the TAF-KIT. (On Ubuntu and Debian: libncurses5, libncurses-dev).

Known Problems

Vaucanson is known not to work properly with Apple's G++ 4.0.0 on Tiger. Actually, it seems that it is G++ 4.0.0 which is known not to work properly: other library face similar issues. We don't know how to solve the problem, avoid it by specifying another compiler. For instance

./configure CC=gcc-4.1 CXX=g++-4.1

Vaucanswig is not working properly with this version.