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The LRDE aims at developing new concepts within its research fields reaching from theory to reusable implementations. This last point is characteristic of the laboratory that includes as much as possible its academic research activities in open libraries. So everyone can download them and measure the significance of the research conducted at the LRDE, and use it in order to go further. In addition to their effectiveness as tools these libraries are most helpful communication tools as well, allowing to build relationships with academic and industrial partners.

The LRDE's main libraries are Olena for image processing, Vaucanson for finite state machines and Spot for model checking. Nowadays Olena is the most complete one and is already used for various academic and industrial projects. Spot, already recognized in the academic community is being developed for industrial applications. Vaucanson is a tool for researchers who received funding from the French National Research Agency ANR in 2010 in order to make it fully exploitable.

Aware of its youth and its small size, the laboratory has grown slowly among different calls for proposals and participates today in projects of all types: ANR, European projects, poles of competitiveness (French Interministerial Fund FUI), projects funded by the national Cancer Institute and by OSEO.