The Olena Image Processing Platform

Olena is a platform dedicated to image processing and pattern recognition. Its core component is a generic and efficient C++ library called Pylene. Pylene provides a framework to implement simple, fast, safe, reusable and extensible image processing tool chains. The library provides many ready-to-use image data structures (regular 1D, 2D, 3D images, graph-based images, etc.) and algorithms. Pylene's algorithms are built upon classical entities from the image processing field (images, points/sites, domains, neighborhoods, etc.). This design allows image processing developers and practitioners to easily understand, modify, develop and extend new algorithms while retaining the core traits of Milena: genericity and efficiency.

On top of Pylene, the Olena platform also features optional modules such as Python bindings and the SCRIBO module for Document Image Analysis.

See the Overview of Olena for a longer introduction to the project. French speaking readers can also look at the article introducing Olena 1.0 in L'air de rien 17.

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