Olena Development


This page gathers resources for the developers of the Olena platform as well as contributors to the project.

Project Management - Trac

We use Trac as project management platform:

Trac serves us to:

  • Keep an eye on the project's time line.
  • Manage the project's road map by setting up road map.
  • Report and manage bugs, feature requests, etc. through tickets.
  • Go inside Olena's repository thanks to the source browser.
  • Write some technical documentation targeting the development team using an integrated wiki.
  • Lost? Use the search engine.

Only members of the Olena Team have write access on Trac (tickets, wiki pages, etc.) to avoid spam bots, but everybody is free to consult the contents of the site.

If you want to report a bug, please send a message to olena-bugs@lrde.epita.fr first, and we'll process it via e-mail and/or Trac.

Version Control

Olena's source are stored in a Git repository. The master and next branches should point to reasonably stable states. The repository is located here:

The code from the repository can be browsed using Gitweb or Trac's browser:

  • Gitweb: Olena's Gitweb view
  • Trac: Olena's latest commit via Trac's browser (careful, this page does not necessarily show the master branch by default)

The repository contains all revisions since Olena 0.3.

Continuous Integration

TeamCity's Build Farm

Olena is built continuously (each time changes are pushed into the Git repository) on different architectures thanks to the TeamCity-powered build farm of the lab.


Statistics generated by GitStats:


The reference documentation is generated by Doxygen.


These resources are for the (outdated) 0.x branch of the project (the last release of is Olena 0.11), see branch prcs-olena in the Git repository.