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The LRDE aims at developing new concepts within its research fields reaching from theory to reusable implementations. We have three flagship projects, three generic and efficient libraries written in C++, all of them distributed under the conditions of the GNU GPL v2 license. Everyone can download them and measure the significance of the research conducted at the LRDE, and use it in order to go further. In addition to their effectiveness as tools these libraries are most helpful communication tools as well, allowing to build partnerships with academic and industrial partners.

The LRDE's main libraries are Olena for image processing, Vcsn for finite state machines and Spot for model checking. Nowadays Olena is the most complete one and is already used for various academic and industrial projects. Spot, already recognized in the academic community is being developed for industrial applications. Vcsn is a tool for researchers.

Privately financed projects

The LRDE also conducts research projects with industrial partners and runs consulting assignments within its research areas. Feel free to contact us if you have a project you would like to do with us.

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