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Getting a morphological Tree of Shapes for mulativariate images: paths, traps, and pitfalls

Method Description

=== (pre)order based methods Colors are reduced to scalar value that defines an ordering to compute the Tree of Shapes. We have tested different pre-order on several color space, as well as several restitution rules.

  • Restitution Rules:
    • Nearest color (NC): A removed shape is assigned to the closest color in the parent shape.
    • Mean (Pmean): Every shape is assigned with the mean color of its pixels.
    • Mean Parent (MP): A removed shape is assigned with the mean color of the parent shape pixels.
  • Total orders considered: (NC, Pmean, MP are equivalent in this case).
    • Lexicographical (Lex): Lexicographical order with the R,G,B triplet.
    • Total pre-orders considered:
  • Nearest

Evaluation Procedure Description

Results Summary

Detailed Results

By images

By methods

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