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This page quickly presents the areas of expertise of the LRDE. For more detailed information, please go to the projects page.

The activities of LRDE cover two main areas of research:

  • « Image processing and pattern recognition » and
  • « Automata and applications »

with a transverse research axis « Performance and genericity ».

Each main area, or theme, is divided into two fields.

Theme 1: Image processing and pattern recognition

Image processing

Image processing at LRDE consists mainly of writing morphological algorithms. The principal fields of application are document image analysis and medical image processing. The state of the art of these elements as well as all the results of the Image-team's research have been integrated in Olena, a high performance generic image processing library.

Theme 2: Automata and applications

The Automata and applications group at LRDE concerns itself with automata in various forms and their applications. The group maintains and develops the Spot library for manipulation of ω-automata and other software. Other research concerns itself with timed automata, weighted automata, automata for concurrency, and SAT solving.

Transverse research axis

A common underlying problem of all the projects LRDE members work on is how to reconcile two aspects usually contradictory: performance and genericity.