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Latest revision as of 11:15, 26 July 2018

Title Authors Published in Date
newton.17.dtd.report Analysis of Algorithms Calculating the Maximal Disjoint Decomposition of a Set Jim Newton 2 February 2017
newton.16.monad.report Monads in Common Lisp Jim Newton 18 November 2016
newton.16.dag.report Finding maximal common joins in a DAG Jim Newton 17 November 2016
newton.16.rte.report Efficient dynamic type checking of heterogeneous sequences Jim Newton 22 February 2016
chedeau.12.tr JSPP: Morphing C++ into JavaScript Christopher Chedeau, Didier Verna 1 January 2012
duret.11.arxiv Combining Explicit and Symbolic Approaches for Better On-the-Fly LTL Model Checking Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Kais Klai, Denis Poitrenaud, Yann Thierry-Mieg 1 June 2011
darbon.06.tr A note on nice-levelable MRFs for SAR image denoising with contrast preservation Jérôme Darbon, Marc Sigelle, Florence Tupin 1 September 2006
darbon.05.tr A fast and exact algorithm for total variation minimization Jérôme Darbon, Marc Sigelle 1 January 2005
vaucanson.04.techrep Proposal: an XML representation for automata The Vaucanson group 1 November 2004
darbon.04.tr Exact optimization of discrete constrained total variation minimization problems Jérôme Darbon, Marc Sigelle 1 October 2004
lefebvre.04.tr Unified texture management for arbitrary meshes Sylvain Lefebvre, Jérôme Darbon, Fabrice Neyret 26 April 2004
clouard.99.tr Une bibliothèque et un environnement de programmation d'opérateurs de traitement d'images Régis Clouard, Abderrahim Elmoataz, François Angot, Olivier Lezoray, Alexandre Duret-Lutz 1 November 1999