Jim Newton


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Jim has completed his Master of Arts at Mississippi State University.
He has worked at LRDE within the Climb project since the 2015.

Research Interests

  • Functional Languages
  • Dynamic Languages
  • Rational Languages
  • Binary Decision Diagrams
  • Type theory

Me as a baby


That's me in the center, between my brother and cousin. We're eating watermelon at my grandmothers house.



Work in Progress


 Publication type
A Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of the Worst-Case Size of Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagramsarticle
Analysis of Algorithms Calculating the Maximal Disjoint Decomposition of a Settechreport
Approaches in Typecase Optimizationinproceedings
Efficient dynamic type checking of heterogeneous sequencestechreport
Finding maximal common joins in a DAGtechreport
Monads in Common Lisptechreport
Programmatic Manipulation of Common Lisp Type Specifiersinproceedings
Recognizing heterogeneous sequences by rational type expressioninproceedings
Representing and Computing with Types in Dynamically Typed Languagesphdthesis
Type-Checking of Heterogeneous Sequences in Common Lispinproceedings