Ana Calarasanu


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  • Name: Ana Stefania Calarasanu
  • Email:
  • Thesis subject: Improvement of a text detection chain and the proposition of a new evaluation protocol for text detection algorithms.
  • Ecole doctorale : EDITE
  • Supervisors: Jonathan Fabrizio(LRDE) and Severine Dubuisson(ISIR)
  • LinkedIn:

Research interests

  • Object detection
  • Feature extraction
  • Machine learning
  • Performance measurements
  • Document image analysis


EvaLTex (Evaluating Text Localization) is a unified evaluation framework used to measure the performance of text detection and text segmentation algorithms. It takes as input text objects represented either by rectangle coordinates or by irregular masks. The output consists of a set of scores, at local and global levels, and a visual representation of the behavior of the analysed algorithm through quality histograms.


Theory of Rational Languages

  • TD & TP to 2nd-year students at EPITA (prepa)


  • TD & TP to 3rd-year students at EPITA (ing1)