Vaucanson 2 is a collective effort involving the following people. Many more people have been contributors.

Core team

Jacques Sakarovitch

Jacques Sakarovitch

Jacques is Emeritus CNRS Senior Research Scientist. He teaches and conducts his research at Telecom Paristech. His research is about Theoretical Computer Science, and focuses especially on:

  • Automata theory on finite and infinite words, functions realized by finite automata, pushdown automata and context-free languages.
  • Models for parallelism: trace theory, automata resynchronization. Automata and number systems.
  • Combinatorics of words, com- minatorial theory of groups and semigroups.

He published two books and more than sixty publications in journals and international conferences. Together with Sylvain, he initiated the Vaucanson project.

Sylvain Lombardy

Sylvain Lombardy

Sylvain has been assistant professor at Université Paris 7/LIAFA, then professor at Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée/LIGM. He is now professor at Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux. He teaches at Enseirb-Matmeca, mainly algorithmic, formal languages, programming and databases. He conducts research at LaBRI, focussing on quantitative models, in particular on weighted automata.

Akim Demaille

Akim Demaille

Akim has been working at EPITA/LRDE since the dusk of the twentieth century. He teaches (or has taught) Formal Logic, Compiler Construction, Language Theory, Object-Oriented Design and Advanced C++ Programming. His current research focus is on automata.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Alexandre is assistant professor at EPITA, working in the LRDE, its research and development laboratory. His Ph.D. thesis is on model checking at LIP6 in the MoVe (Modelisation and Verification) team, formerly known as the SRC (Cooperative and Distributed Systems) team. In addition to Vaucanson, his main project is SPOT is a model checking library. At EPITA he teaches Algorithms and Complexity (3rd year), Graph Theory (3rd year), Distributed Algorithms (3rd year), and Introduction to Model Checking (5th year).

Luca Saiu

Luca Saiu

Luca is an experienced programmer, free software hacker, GNU maintainer and programming language specialist. Born in another country, like everybody else for no particular fault or merit, he has developed a strong aversion to the very idea of a nation and every flag.

Luca obtained his Masters' at the university of Pisa and his PhD at Université Paris 13, both in Computer Science; he has experience in programming, research, and teaching. The most famous project Luca has worked on is OCaml, to which he added multicore support at INRIA; however the GNU epsilon programming language remains his most ambitious project. He also co-authored Marionnet, a network simulator written in OCaml, widely used as a network teaching tool in France and abroad.

Visiting fellows

Alfred M. Szmidt

Alfred M. Szmidt

Alfred M. Szmidt is a software developer and a free software activist. He has been activley working on the GNU project since 1990, and has been maintaining the the GNU networking utilities since 1997.

Canh Luu


Canh Luu

Canh was an intern during his second-year master's student of the IFI (Computer Science Institute for the Francophonie). He worked mainly on the determinization algorithm and some algorithms on transducers (push_weight, is_functional, has_twin_property, etc.).

Lucien Boillod

Lucien was a second-year EPITA intern. He worked on the IPython interface, in particular the interactive GUI to edit automata, the context editor, and other front-end improvements.

Sarasvati Moutoucomarapoulé

Sarasvati is a CS student at EPITA (class 2018). She worked on implementing a property cache, in order to experiment the removal of the nullableset by using a property instead, and improved I/O format handling in Vcsn (FAdo, daut).


Sébastien Piat

Sébastien is a CS student at EPITA (class 2017), working on Linguistic approaches in Vcsn and mainly shortest paths computations. He was first an intern at LRDE.

Antoine Pietri

Antoine is a CS student at EPITA (class 2016), organizer of the Prologin programming contest. He works mainly on the search for short synchronizing words in Vaucanson.

Valentin Tolmer

Valentin is a CS student at EPITA (class 2016). He contributed to Bison, before coming to work on Vaucanson. He works mainly on transducers, implementing new algorithms such as composition. He added many ways of manipulating transducers, taking them from a theoretical existence to a practical tool (to compute the distance between languages, for example).

Guillaume Sanchez

Guillaume is a CS student at EPITA, class 2015. He worked for a year on Vaucanson.

Victor-Marie Santet

Victor is a CS student at EPITA, class 2015, who worked for a year on Vaucanson, with focus on determinization.

David Moreira

David was a CS student at EPITA, class 2013. His contributions include the initial implementation of the AST of rational expressions.