Vaucanson 0.8 (May 15, 2006)


The Vcsn library is free software. It is distributed under the conditions of the GNU General Public License ( since release 0.7.1, and under the conditions of GNU Lesser General Public License for previous releases.


User visible changes


 The Typed Automata Function Kit of Vaucanson (TAF-Kit). This is
 a packaging through binary programs of the main algorithms of
 Vaucanson. In this release, only the Boolean semiring is supported.
 See the related documentation for help.


 A first user's manual for TAF-Kit has been introduced.
 The Doxygen documentation has been reworked.

XML system.

 The XSD file has been extended to express transitions as XML trees.
 The XML proposal has been completly reworked.
 The XSD file path can now be set by either the environment variable
 or the CPP macro VCSN_XSD_PATH. It is also automatically checked in
 the `share` directory where this file would be installed on `make


 The following renaming have been made:
  • edge: is now transition,
  • new_*: functions are now make_*,
  • origin_of is now src_of and aim_of is dst_of,
  • for_each loops have been changed to for_all, for consistency with STL for_each that uses functor.


 Some Vaucanson benchmarks have been added to the distribution. Feel
 free to make your bench results and please send us them!

Bug fixes.

 Numerous bugs have been fixed in the core library and some algorithms
 have been cleaned.


C++ compiler
g++ 3.[34], 4.0 or ICC 9
If you want to use the XML I/O system, you will need the Apache Xerces C++ library version 2.3.* (
Highly verbose mode of the testing suites uses the AT&T dot format to

save automaton in a human readable file. Use Graphviz to visualize these .dot files.

Known Problems

Vaucanson is known not to work properly with Apple's G++ 4.0 on Tiger. Actually, it seems that it is G++ 4.0 which is known not to work properly: other library face similar issues. We don't know how to solve the problem, avoid it by specifying another compiler. For instance

./configure CC=gcc-3.3 CXX=g++-3.3