An XML format proposal for the description of weighted automata, transducers, and rational expressions

The aim of this XML format is to make possible, and hopefully easy, the communication between the various programs and systems that deal with weighted automata and transducters. This format, called FSMXML, is part of the Vcsn project. In particular, FSMXML is the input/output format of TAF-Kit, the command line interface to the Vaucanson library.

Two documents describe the latest version of FSMXML:


Previous versions of this format (formerly known as Vaucanson XML) were first presented at the CIAA 2004 conference with a DTD, and then at CIAA 2005 conference with an XSD. Major changes in the design options were taken for the writing of the latest version. In particular, this format now provides a standard for the description of standalone regular expressions.

History of the proposal (most recent first):

The present format is the result of work of many people, including: Valentin David, Thomas Claveirole, Louis NoePouchet, Florent Terrones, Florian Lesaint, Akim Demaille, Alexandre Duret-Lutz and Jacques Sakarovitch.