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* Jim at [ LinkedIn]
* Jim at [ LinkedIn]
* Jim at [ EDITE]
* Jim at [ EDITE]
* Jim at [ LRDE]

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  • Name: Jim Newton
  • Email:
  • Jim at LinkedIn
  • Jim at EDITE
  • Jim at LRDE

Me as a baby


That's me in the center, between my brother and cousin. We're eating watermelon at my grandmothers house.

Jim has completed his PhD in Computer Science from Sorbonne Universities in 2018,
Master of Arts in Mathematics from Mississippi State University, and
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University. He has worked at LRDE on the Climb project from 2015 to 2018, and on the Spot project since 2018.

Research Interests

  • Functional Languages
  • Dynamic Languages
  • Rational Languages
  • Binary Decision Diagrams
  • Type theory



Work in Progress