Miscellaneous on Olena 0.x (outdated)


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  • Know.SpeedUpCxxCompilation: How to speed up compilation of C++ program using a (well-equiped) template library.
  • Olena.CompilationHowto: Some advice to Olena developers (old, should be updated).
  • Olena.DevelopmentHowto: How to start developing for Olena.
  • Olena.ImageTypes: Why the macros Exact and Concrete?
  • CodingStyle010: Writing in Olena 0.10.
  • Paradigm2003: The 2003 Paradigm branch: Changing the static type computation.
  • Olena.ConstImages: How can we implement Proxies that forward the constness?
  • Olena.CompilerErrors: Constructing non-const images from const images (related to Olena.ConstImages).