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Olena roadmap / workplan:

  • Olena 0.10 Deadline 29/10/03 (Main check on 22/10/03)
    • Generic morpher. (David Lesage)
    • Commit new versions of combinatorial maps. (Sylvain Berlemont)
    • RAG implementation. (Jean Baptiste Mouret)
    • Commit theo's patches. (Jean Baptiste Mouret)
    • Make Tests on theo's patches. (Jean Baptiste Mouret)
    • Make Tests on branch "features". (Jean Baptiste Mouret)
    • Merge branch "features". (Nicolas Burrus)
    • Integrate Snakes. (Astrid Wang)
    • Misc : Commit new version of FFT (Benoit Perrot), Widget GTK (Nicolas Wiest-Million), ...
  • Olena 0.11 (Documentation release) Deadline: To be defined
    • Users documentation. (Réda Dehak, Sylvain Berlemont)
    • Add a reference on "metallic" tools in developper documentation. (Sylvain Berlemont)
    • Documentation of the Integre project. (Nicolas Burrus)