PHD Theses and Habilitations


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Title Authors Published in Date Taking into account inclusion and adjacency information in morphological hierarchical representations, with application to the extraction of text in natural images and videos. Lê Duy Huỳnh 1 December 2018 Representing and Computing with Types in Dynamically Typed Languages Jim Newton 1 November 2018
duret.17.hdr Contributions to LTL and ω-Automata for Model Checking Alexandre Duret-Lutz 1 February 2017 A Study of Well-Composedness in n-D Nicolas Boutry 1 December 2016 Improvement of a text detection chain and the proposition of a new evaluation protocol for text detection algorithms Stefania Calarasanu 1 December 2015 A Tree of Shapes for Multivariate Images Edwin Carlinet 1 November 2015 Contribution aux tests de vacuité pour le model checking explicite Etienne Renault 5 December 2014 Improving the Model Checking of Stutter-Invariant LTL Properties Ala Eddine Ben Salem 25 September 2014 Tree-based shape spaces: Definition and applications in image processing and computer vision Yongchao Xu 12 December 2013
geraud.12.hdr Outil logiciel pour le traitement d'images: Bibliothèque, paradigmes, types et algorithmes Thierry Géraud 1 June 2012 Towards a Software Architecture for Generic Image Processing Roland Levillain 1 November 2011 Génération efficace de grands espaces d'états Alexandre Hamez 1 December 2009 Sémantique paramétrable des Diagrammes de Décision : une démarche vers l'unification Alban Linard 1 November 2009 Composants logiciels et algorithmes de minimisation exacte d'énergies dédidées au traitement d'images Jérôme Darbon 1 October 2005