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Title Authors Published in Date
verna.19.els Parallelizing Quickref Didier Verna 12th European Lisp Symposium 1 April 2019
boutry.19.jmiv How to Make n-D Plain Maps Alexandrov-Well-Composed in a Self-dual Way Nicolas Boutry, Thierry Géraud, Laurent Najman Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision 4 February 2019
puybareau.19.cbm High throughput automated detection of axial malformations in Medaka embryo Diane Genest, Élodie Puybareau, Marc Léonard, Jean Cousty, Noémie De Crozé, Hugues Talbot Computers in Biology and Medicine 22 January 2019
newton.19.els Finite Automata Theory Based Optimization of Conditional Variable Binding Jim Newton, Didier Verna European Lisp Symposium 14 January 2019
rivet.19.isbi Motion Compensation in Digital Holography for Retinal Imaging Julie Rivet, Guillaume Tochon, Michael Atlan, Serge Meimon, Thierry Géraud Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) 19 December 2018
carlinet.19.csi Intervertebral Disc Segmentation Using Mathematical Morphology—A CNN-Free Approach Edwin Carlinet, Thierry Géraud Proceedings of the 5th MICCAI Workshop & Challenge on Computational Methods and Clinical Applications for Spine Imaging (CSI) 26 November 2018
puybareau.18.brainles Segmentation of Gliomas and Prediction of Patient Overall Survival: A Simple and Fast Procedure. Élodie Puybareau, Guillaume Tochon, Joseph Chazalon, Jonathan Fabrizio Proceedings of the Workshop on Brain Lesions (BrainLes)in conjunction with MICCAI 5 November 2018 Representing and Computing with Types in Dynamically Typed Languages Jim Newton 1 November 2018
roynard.18.rrpr An Image Processing Library in Modern C++: Getting Simplicity and Efficiency with Generic Programming Michaël Roynard, Edwin Carlinet, Thierry Géraud Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Reproducible Research in Pattern Recognition (RRPR) 25 October 2018
puybareau.18.stacom Left Atrial Segmentation In a Few Seconds Using Fully Convolutional Network and Transfer Learning Élodie Puybareau, Zhou Zhao, Younes Khoudli, Yongchao Xu, Thierry Géraud, Edwin Carlinet Proceedings of the Workshop on Statistical Atlases and Computational Modelling of the Heart (STACOM), in conjunction with MICCAI 25 October 2018

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