PHD Theses and Habilitations


Title Authors Published in Date Representing and Computing with Types in Dynamically Typed Languages Jim Newton 1 November 2018
duret.17.hdr Contributions to LTL and ω-Automata for Model Checking Alexandre Duret-Lutz 1 February 2017 A Study of Well-Composedness in n-D Nicolas Boutry 1 December 2016 Improvement of a text detection chain and the proposition of a new evaluation protocol for text detection algorithms Stefania Calarasanu 1 December 2015 A Tree of Shapes for Multivariate Images Edwin Carlinet 1 November 2015 Contribution aux tests de vacuité pour le model checking explicite Etienne Renault 5 December 2014 Improving the Model Checking of Stutter-Invariant LTL Properties Ala Eddine Ben Salem 25 September 2014 Tree-based shape spaces: Definition and applications in image processing and computer vision Yongchao Xu 12 December 2013
geraud.12.hdr Outil logiciel pour le traitement d'images: Bibliothèque, paradigmes, types et algorithmes Thierry Géraud 1 June 2012 Towards a Software Architecture for Generic Image Processing Roland Levillain 1 November 2011 Génération efficace de grands espaces d'états Alexandre Hamez 1 December 2009 Sémantique paramétrable des Diagrammes de Décision : une démarche vers l'unification Alban Linard 1 November 2009 Composants logiciels et algorithmes de minimisation exacte d'énergies dédidées au traitement d'images Jérôme Darbon 1 October 2005