A Comparative Review of Component Tree Computation Algorithms



Download the image dataset used in this comparison to bench the algorithms (26 Mb).

On-line application.

Compare the performance of the algorithms on an image of your choice and plot the performance curves.

Demo page url: http://olena.lrde.epita.fr/demos/maxtree_comparison.php


Under development. For now, you can only plot curves and show performance of the algorithms on a pre-defined dataset. Benching the algorithms on your own images is still not possible.


Some results extracted from the paper. Tests conducted on Intel i7 (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz)

Figures to answer reviewers requests about:

  • Parallel algorithms behaviour on a machine with more cores. It has been tested on a 12-cores (24 logical cores) machine where each processor is an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz.
  • Parallel algorithms behaviour on an AMD processor since some algorithms seem to be more efficient on those architectures. Tests have been conducted on a AMD quad-core AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor.

Source files

You can download the archive with the source code.


The applications rely on those external libraries:

  • Boost
  • libfreeimage
  • Intel TBB

You need a c++ 11 compliant compiler (applications have been successfully built with gcc > 4.7 and icc

Building maxtree executables

> tar xjf maxtree-review.tar.bz2 && cd maxtree-review
> mkdir build && cd build
> cmake ..
> make -C apps/maxtree_comparison

It outputs the following executables:

  • maxtree_serial_hqueue: Salembier (sequential)
  • maxtree_serial_pqueue: Nister (<18bits) / Wilkinson (>18 bits) (sequential)
  • maxtree_serial_berger: Berger et al.
  • maxtree_serial_ufind_wlc: Berger + level compression
  • maxtree_serial_ufind: Berger + level compression enabled if < 18bits
  • maxtree_serial_unfindrank: Berger + rank
  • maxtree_serial_najman: Najman and Couprie
  • maxtree_parallel_hqueue: Salembier (parallel)
  • maxtree_parallel_pqueue: Nister (<18bits) / Wilkinson (>18 bits) (parallel)
  • maxtree_parallel_ufind: Berger + level compression enabled if < 18bits (parallel)
  • maxtree_parallel_unfindrank: Berger + rank (parallel)
  • maxtree_parallel_ufind_line: Matas et al. (parallel)

The binaries are then located in apps/maxtree_comparison. For usage and available options, run appname --help where appname is the name of the maxtree algorithm.

$ ./apps/maxtree_comparison/maxtree_serial_berger --help
Usage: ./apps/maxtree_comparison/maxtree_serial_berger inputfile
Allowed options:
  --help					 produce help message
  --nthread arg (=-1)	set number of thread (default: auto)
  --nbits arg (=8)		Set number of bits (default: 8). Quantization of the 
								original is changed. Upper bits are moved left and 
								missing lower bits are generated at random.
  --ntest arg (=3)		set number of runs (default: 3)
  --sz arg (=0)			Set size (number of pixels) (0: original). Resize the 
								image by tiling or cropping the original until matching
								the number of pixel required. Original ratio 
								width/height is kept.