Olena PRCS branches

  • oln : the main branch, resulting in the different releases
  • oln.features : features adding (Graphs...), Milena's features importation
  • oln.cleanup : cleaning and reorganization
  • oln.2003paradigm : switching from Inferior to Exact paradigm, and hierarchy modeling experiments

Branches State

  • oln : major version : 10
    next release : 0.10 (October 2003)
  • oln.features : stable. Wainting for tests before merging.
  • oln.cleanup : merged into main branch
  • oln.2003paradigm : merged into main branch


The PRCS repository is in ~prcs/repository, you can set your PRCS_REPOSITORY environment variable to this. See Know.CvsAndPrcs to learn the basic PRCS commands.

The Olena project is saved as the PRCS project oln; do not confound with the olena PRCS projects, this latter is a very old version (it even predates Milena).

To check out Olena, do

prcs checkout oln

To check out a particuliar version or branch (here 2003paradigm), do

prcs checkout -r2003paradigm oln

The next step is to bootstrap the project to generate configuration scripts and other auto-generable data:


Do not forget to write a ChangeLog before making any checkin.