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Who Am I ?

During my PhD I worked on the emptiness checks for explicit model checking. This work focused especially on generalized Büchi automata that support weak fairness hypothesis. During this thesis, I proposed several parallel or sequential emptiness checks. My work also lead me to explore the property automaton to reduce the complexity of emptiness check.

Actually, I work at the LRDE lab around SPOT which is a model checking library based on TGBA (Transition-based Generalized Büchi Automata). My research interest are more generally oriented to formal methods and its applications.

My publications

If you want a quick look at all my publications you can look my DPLB page; for more information see below :


(2015-…) Compilation Lecture – middle and backend (CMP2) here or here

(2015-…) Introduction to Model-Cheking (IMC) here

(2015-…) Subject of the TP of ALGA here

(2015) An overview of Android here! and more here! and here! (in French)

(2014-…) Management of the Tiger project at EPITA.

(2014) An overview of Android here! (in French)

(2013) An overview of Android here! (in French)

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