Olena 0.11 — February 21, 2007


This version is obsolete: you may want to have a look at recent releases instead.


Olena 0.11 is an update of Olena 0.10. This release is usable in modern environments and supports recent tools like The GNU C++ Compiler (g++) versions 4.0 and 4.1, the Intel C++ Compiler (icpc) version 9.1 and SWIG version 1.3.29.

Olena 0.11 has been successfully tested on GNU/Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 4.0) and Mac OS X (version 10.3).

The Olena platform is Free Software. It is distributed under the conditions of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.


Olena 0.11 is available as source code archives (tarballs).

You can also obtain the sources from the Git repository. The commit corresponding to Olena 0.11 is tagged olena-0.11.


  • Bug fixes
    • Olena 0.11 is mainly a maintenance release, as Olena 0.10 had become obsolete and almost unusable on modern environments. This release brings back the compatibility with recent versions of g++ (4.0 and 4.1), icpc (9.1), SWIG (1.3.29), Python (2.4) and Ruby (1.8.5).
  • Build System
    • Support for GNU Libtool (to handle shared libraries and dynamic modules) has been added.
  • Swilena
    • Swilena, the Simplified Wrappers for Interfacing Olena, takes advantage of Libtool to creates shared libraries upon which SWIG wrappers are built.
    • The Swilena wrappers have been repaired, as they had become incompatible with recent versions of SWIG, g++, Python and Ruby.
    • A lot of small bugs fixes in Swilena.
    • The test suite of Rblena, the Ruby wrappers for Olena, has been completed and is comparable to Pylena's (the Python wrappers for Olena).
  • Support for new architectures
    • Olena 0.11 (including Swilena) supports Mac OS X.

More information on updates are provided in the NEWS file of the package.


  • C++ compiler
    • GCC (g++) 4.0, 4.1 or ICC (icpc) 9.1
  • If you intend to use Swilena
    • SWIG 1.3.29 (for Pylena and Rblena)
    • Python >= 2.3 (for Pylena)
    • Ruby >= 1.8.3 (for Rblena)

Known Problems

Due to the complex way Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) handles shared libraries and dynamic modules, you have to set the environment variable MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.3 to have Rblena compile properly, using


if you use a Bourne-compatible Shell (Bash, Zsh), or


if you run a C Shell (Tcsh).