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Title Authors Published in Date
borghi.06.crossroads C-Transformers — A Framework to Write C Program Transformations Alexandre Borghi, Valentin David, Akim Demaille ACM Crossroads 16 October 2005
dehak.05.pami Spatial reasoning with relative incomplete information on relative positioning Réda Dehak, Isabelle Bloch, Henri Maître IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 1 September 2005
lombardy.04.tcs Introducing Vaucanson Sylvain Lombardy, Yann Régis-Gianas, Jacques Sakarovitch Theoretical Computer Science 1 November 2004
geraud.04.jasp Fast road network extraction in satellite images using mathematical morphology and Markov random fields Thierry Géraud, Jean-Baptiste Mouret EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing 5 September 2004
bloch.05.prl Fusion of spatial relationships for guiding recognitionexample of brain structure recognition in 3D MRI Isabelle Bloch, Olivier Colliot, Oscar Camara, Thierry Géraud Pattern Recognition Letters 9 July 2004
bloch.03.ai Representation and fusion of heterogeneous fuzzy information in the 3D space for model-based structural recognition—application to 3D brain imaging Isabelle Bloch, Thierry Géraud, Henri Maître Artificial Intelligence 1 August 2003