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Software Snapshots

  • Milena, a modern, efficient, and generic image processing library in C++
    • it is part of the Olena platform
    • the main project page is here
    • I'm ranked by Ohloh (!) here
  • eVidenZ, a free and general-purpose C++ library to implement some Dempster-Shafer engines (theory of belief functions):
    • this was a student project (it is no more maintained)
    • the dedicated page is here
    • a modern version of this project is here


The courses I give at EPITA:


Former PhD students:

Current PhD students:

  • Lê Duy Huỳnh (co-supervisor Yongchao Xu)
    PhD tentative title: Text extraction with a morphological approach.
  • Minh Ôn Vũ Ngọc (co-supervisor Jonathan Fabrizio)
    PhD tentative title: Detection and analysis of id documents in video streams.
  • Julie Rivet.

Internship Proposals

No proposal at the moment.