GPU Programming

E. Carlinet

J. Chazalon


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How to use OpenStack GPUs

  1. Make sure you have your SSH key registered on{EPITA_LOGIN}/ssh-keys/.

  2. Connect to any available machine (pick one at random, your ~/afs/ directory will be shared):

    ssh -X -l $EPITALOGIN -p 22000
    ssh -X -l $EPITALOGIN -p 22001
    ssh -X -l $EPITALOGIN -p 22002
    ssh -X -l $EPITALOGIN -p 22003
  3. Activate your AFS:

    kinit  # Then enter you CRI password
  4. Activate the development environment featuring all CUDA tools:

    nix-shell /etc/nixos-gpgpu/shell.nix
  5. Then use NVidia tools directly to compile, debug and profile your programs:

    nvcc -o device_query -g -G